Blood Collections

Serum Test Blood Tubes
Blood tubes:No additive
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Serum Separating Blood Tubes
Blood tubes:Clot Activator with Gel Additive
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EDTA K3/K2 Blood Tubes
Blood tubes:EDTA K2/K3 Additive
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Sodium Citrate Blood Tubes
Blood tubes:3.2%Sodium Citrate Additive
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Lithium Heparin Blood Tubes
Blood tube:Lithium heparin or Sodium heparin additive
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ESR Vacuum Blood Tubes
Blood tubes:Sodium citrate(1: 4) Additive
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Fluoride Oxalate Blood Tubes
Blood tubes:Sodium Fluoride or Heparin Sodium or EDTA Additive
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Features and Benefits
Automated processing
The microtube streamlines operations by allowing the automated processing of your microcollection haematology samples.
It enhances patient safety by accommodating full-size patient identification labels at the time of collection.
Improved workflow
It improves workflow with a one-piece design, without parts to assemble and without contaminated parts to discard.
It is approved for haematology and lead testing.
Twist-assist closure
For easier cap removal, the microtube snaps closed and ensures safer, leak-free transportaion to the lab.
Pierceable cap
The product is compatible with instrument probes.
One piece
It is a 12-mm x 75-mm tube with an integrated collector.
Visible fill lines
Three clearly visible fill lines help ensure proper collection volume.
A number of inversions are illustrated on the tube label.
Recyclable packaging
The packaging is recyclable.
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